Ground Operations and Facilities

The Era Ground Operations and Facilities department handles all aspects of the operation that many take for granted, such as welcoming passengers to the terminal and handling the counter, providing essential flight information to passengers, loading and unloading baggage and keeping the facilities neat and presentable. A wide range of positions in this department ensure Era’s mission readiness and delivery of superior value to our customers and stakeholders.


“Place Safety First, Every Day” is our #1 core value and highest operational priority. That commitment and responsibility resides within every employee at Era and is actively reinforced through all levels of management.


Era maintains the industry’s highest level of operational readiness through an expansive supply chain, global maintenance planning group, dedicated spare aircraft and a ground support and facilities team to support these day-to-day operations.


Ground Operations and Facilities delivers excellent customer service to our customers and stakeholders.


The Ground Operations and Facilities team uses exemplary verbal and written communication skills in its daily work performance.


Ground Operations and Facilities uses strong interpersonal skills to support and champion ideas as a unified team to promote safety, innovation and growth of the organization.


Ground Operations and Facilities performs a significant role in ensuring the safety and security of passengers, overseeing cargo and baggage and other duties that facilitate seamless integration with other departments to ensure mission readiness.

Ground Operations and Facilities Positions

  • Base Housing Analyst
  • Base Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Driver
  • Facility Technician
  • Fuel Support Technician
  • Ground Control Specialist
  • Line Service Technician


Our positions in Ground Operations and Facilities may become available at any time. Please click on the “Apply Today To Join Era’s Team” button above to view current openings.